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Dirty Cop, Sergeant Branden Fiscus, Arrests Innocent Mother at Kleiner Park

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April 22, 2020

So this is what Governor Brad Little's unconstitutional stay-home order has come to—innocent mother's getting arrested for playing at the park with their children.

Yesterday, an abusive Meridian city cop named Branden Fiscus arrested Sarah Brady, at Kleiner Park and claimed it was "trespassing" even though this is a public park. This is a specious charge that cannot hold up in a court of law and is typical of abuse from law enforcement.

Within hours, a group of Idaho Patriots had a peaceful protest and show of solidarity in front of the abusive cop, Branden Fiscus, home. Below is a short video of the event as it occurred:
Watch this video on YouTube:

Sarah Brady, the woman who was arrested, also happens to be married to a member of law enforcement—so she supports law enforcement 100%. But, she also knew her rights and she stood her ground. But despicable and abusive cop, Branden Fiscus, apparently on a power-tripping mission to show his authority arrested her anyway.

Branden Fiscus is a despicable and deplorable police officer who MAKES ALL COPS LOOK BAD. Attention all police officers, if you want to know why people don't like cops, don't trust cops, and don't respect cops, then look no further than to your contemporary: the Abhorent Brandon Fiscus. He is a disease in law enforcement who must be removed.

It is time for the Meridian Police Department to dishonorably discharge Branden "The Abuser" Fiscus.

We urge everyone to contact Chief Jeff Lavey and demand justice for Sarah and punishment for Sergeant Branden Fiscus:

Chief Jeff Lavey
1401 E. Watertower St.
Meridian, ID 83642

Phone: 208-888-6678
Fax: 208-846-7366