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Not really a story just observation that gov. Little campaign funding far exceeded other candidates so he's viewed by higher ups as a money maker, some of his biggest contributors are health insurance providers  like blue cross idaho, united , etc. Along with pharmaceutical companies.  In idaho they are given far to much power and control constantly disregarding medical professionals care plans that would allow citizens better quality of life to try and save a buck here and there.  While being iron fisted on medical Marijuana  that could help people.  Being an idaho citizen with T2 diabetes trying to secure a continuous glucose monitor that could be greatly life changing has been such an unnecessary battle over a peice of plastic, yet anytime i go into my doctors they constantly try to convince me to take ozempic with no questions asked and no testing beforehand.  Cannot confirm but if someone looked deep enough id guess Little has connections to manufacturers and suppliers of ozempic,  manjaro etc. With how its pushed here and how easy it is to acquire my sister with crohns also is constantly having to fight for correct medications and change care plans based off of insurance providers denying what doctors suggest is best same with my fiance with lupus . All of us have employers health insurance plans that we pay a good amount of money out of pocket to not only not help us but more often than not make it harder to maintain a  consistent care plan.  It all seems not right possibly corrupt.  Not only are us citizens being robbed by insurance providers that Little supports but its also making health care professionals leave the state limiting our access to the best care possible.  Again just observations based upon facts from personal experiences.  The entire federal government is a cesspool of corruption.  Just recently started self educating on local and state governments and am highly unimpressed with just small amounts of digging so far with the blatant self serving nature of it all. Lds influence on politics is also very blatant but need to do some more looking.  Seems as though homelessness and mental health resources are also not a priority here
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