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Brad Little REFUSES to Debate

Monday, April 18th 2022
There’s a certain amount of hubris that Gov. Brad Little’s campaign team had to muster up in order to issue the decree that the governor’s tenure is “non-debatable.” After all, that wasn’t some off-the-cuff remark that was released last week when Little bowed out of any debate with his primary opponents. It came in a press release from the governor’s campaign…

Governor Brad Little LIES Repeatedly in his Press Release

Tuesday, March 8th 2022
Governor Brad Little, the Governor of Idaho, just released a press release stating that he will be ending the “public health disaster emergency declaration” on April 15th. Nearly every single sentence in his statement is a bald-faced lie. And the worst part about it is that most Idahoans are too ignorant to know the difference. Don’t let your friends, family, or neighbors accept the lies. Arm them with the facts…

NonBinary Brad Takes over $18 Billion from the Federal Government

Friday, October 22d 2021
Most people are completely unaware that Brad Little has taken over $18 billion dollars in federal funds for "COVID Relief." By the stroke of his own pen, he is claiming he has power to use these funds however he wants, without the oversight of the Legislature, and that he can use at his "pleasure."

Brad Little Vetoes House and Senate Bills Limiting Emergency Powers

Saturday, April 23rd 2021
Yesterday Daniel Horowitz published an article all about your Tyrant-in-Chief, Brad Little. He perfectly analyzed, critiqued, and commented on Brad Little’s tyranny and the corruption in the Idaho Republican party…

Brad Little Vetoes House and Senate Bills Limiting Emergency Powers

Saturday, April 17th 2021
Yesterday, Governor Brad Little vetoed bills passed in the Idaho House of Representatives and the Idaho Senate which would have prevented any Idaho Governor from acting unconstitutionally and exercising powers to which he has no right…

End the State of Emergency and FEMA control of Idaho

Saturday, February 6th 2021
Watch this short video below to see how Brad Little has broken the Idaho State Constitution and continued to funnel millions into the coffers of his cronies…

HYPOCRITE - Brad Little Doesn't Wear Masks in Public

Thursday, October 29th 2020
Governor Brad Little at an elite party in Stanley Idaho puts a mask on for a photo-shoot, then takes it off to enjoy the company. In-fact, no one at the party is found wearing a mask except during the photo-op…

Governor Taunts Those Who Have Lost Their Jobs

Wednesday, September 30th 2020
Governor Brad Little's Facebook post today is so out of touch and disgusting. Commenting that maybe you were ready for "a career change anyway" is so wrong after what he has done to small businesses…

Rebuttal to Brad Little's Disgusting Statement After the Special Session

Friday, August 28th 2020
Brad Little has stated that he is not opposed to calling a special legislative session, but that the legislators have not told him what issue they want to meet over. This is a lie, so it's time to force the Governor to keep his word!

Make Governor Little Keep His Word

Friday, August 28th 2020
Governor Brad Little has proven once again, to not only be DISGRACEFUL, but disgusting, as well. Just yesterday, he issued a statement regarding the special session that just ended. Here we provide a rebuttal to every portion of his ridiculous comments

Brad Little, "Do As I Say, Not As I Do"

Sunday, June 24th 2020
In a post on his twitter feed, Governor Brad Little inadvertently posts pictures of himself with other workers without facemasks, and without practicing "social distancing" standards…

Representative Heather Scott Lays Out the Case Against Brad Little

Sunday, June 21st 2020
Earlier today, Representative Heather Scott from District 1 in Idaho, sent out an email laying out the case against Governor Brad Little. Her complete email can be seen here. However, on this page we at least want to re-post her comprehensive factual arguments against the Governor's actions…

Idaho's Governor: A Science Denier

Wednesday, June 17th 2020
Idahoans are an independent lot, and they don’t take kindly to much government interference. What’s crazy is Idaho has a governor who went from two years of reducing government regulations to becoming an overbearing control freak. When did that happen? When he found out he could get $1.25 billion in federal aid if he declared a state of extreme emergency when Covid hit…

Governor Brad Little, Felon-in-Chief

Wednesday, June 10th 2020
Nearly three months ago, Governor Brad Little decreed an extreme emergency declaration, ordering citizens to remain home. While his motivation may have been out of genuine concern for Idahoans, one could argue his actions have been that of a benevolent dictator, at the very least…

It is Time for a Mutiny - Recall Brad Little

Sunday, June 7th 2020
We believe with a strong grassroots push, it is highly possible to unseat Governor Little, who has proven by his actions that he is not the conservative leader Idahoans thought he was…

Idaho is Open for Business Rally on May 2nd

Wednesday, April 29th 2020
This Saturday at 2:00 pm at the Boise State Capitol, there will be a huge Rally/Protest called the Idaho is Open for Business Rally. This will be the "most important event for Idahoans who want to end the unconstitutional lockdown." Do not miss this event. Please visit the website and come to the rally on Saturday, May 2nd at 2:00 pm…

Brad Little is a Lowlander

Monday, April 27th 2020
I spoke to a highly influential Idaho legislator today for nearly an hour. My jaw dropped several times during the conversation. Governor Brad Little is drunk on the power he has taken from the people, especially from the legislators…

Dirty Cop, Sergeant Branden Fiscus, Arrests Innocent Mother at Kleiner Park

Wednesday, April 22nd 2020
Yesterday, an abusive Meridian city cop named Branden Fiscus arrested Sarah Brady, at Kleiner Park and claimed it was "trespassing" even though this is a public park. This is a specious charge that cannot hold up in a court of law and is typical of abuse from law enforcement…

Woman in Northern Idaho Arrested for Having Yard Sale!

Monday, April 20th 2020
It is official, the first boneheaded cop in Idaho has arrested a woman in Northern Idaho for having a yard sale on her own private property.

Idaho Rally for Freedom Grows on April 17th

Wednesday, April 16th 2020
The movement is growing. Health Freedom Idaho and the Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance have additionally organized protest movements at the Idaho State Capitol…

Brad Little Extends Unconstitutional Stay-Home Order

Wednesday, April 15th 2020
Brad Little went ahead, as predicted, and extended his UNCONSTITUTIONAL Stay-at-Home order today until April 30th. Does anybody really believe it will be released then?

Pass Out Doorhangers in Brad Little's Home Neigborhood Next Week!

Monday, April 13th 2020
Sign up to help us pass out Doorhangers in Brad Little's neighborhood next week!

Brad Little is a Disgrace T Shirts Coming!

Monday, April 13th 2020
T Shirts available very soon so you can buy them and wear them at protests at the Capitol and in town while you're buying whatever toilet paper is leftover!

Protest at State Capitol on Friday, April 17th

Monday, April 13th 2020
Local mothers' organization will be holding a protest at the State Capitol on Friday, April 17th at 2:00 pm…

Adams County Prosecutor Christopher Boyd Writes Letter to Governor Brad Little Urging Him to Rescind the Stay At Home Order

Monday, April 13th 2020
Adams County prosecutor Christopher Boyd recently sent an open letter to Governor Brad Little, asking him to rescind his unconstitutional stay-at-home order. Christopher Boyd should be supported and applauded by all Idaho citizens.

Sheriff Darryl Wheeler Writes Letter to Brad Little Asking Him to Reinstate the Constitution

Monday, April 13th 2020
Sheriff Darryl Wheeler from Bonner County in Norther Idaho writes a letter to Brad Little urging him to rescind his unconstitutional order. You can read the text below and click the link to download a PDF copy of his original letter…